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The boat is designed to be a place of fun, adventure and new learning. 


Crimson Dynasty has two paddle boards, a two person kayak, and snorkel gear for your group. The music system has full bluetooth capability with three zones, so please bring your favorite playlists. Also, underwater lights have been installed under the stern to allow you to watch tarpon, snapper and other fish feeding behind the boat at night.  If you are interested in learning about boating and sailing, you will be given opportunities to sail the boat at the helm, crank the winches, learn to tie boating knots and assist in other parts of the trip. We want your trip to be an experience where learning is part of the relaxation and pleasure.  


Optional gear, based upon availability and location, may include scuba equipment. Depending on the location you go, there may be multiple chances to dive, snorkel, hike, paddle board and kayak. All land activities will be separate from your charter cost (restaurants, rental cars, tours, etc.). Of course, all meals, snacks, and beverages on the boat are included.


We look forward to giving you the most amazing vacation of your life. On board Crimson Dynasty, adventure awaits beyond the horizon!

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