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Every effort will be made to include food that is local to the area, specifically fresh fish or seafood. Vegetables will be fresh to the maximum extent possible, depending on availability. Snacks, fruit, cookies etc. will be available throughout the trip. If you like a particular snack from your hometown, please feel free
to bring it along.


Alcoholic drinks, wine, beer, soda, water, tea and coffee will be available daily. A nearly full bar will be stocked with typical alcohol and mixers, however, specific brands may be ordered at an additional cost. In addition, each day will have a daily drink special such as Painkillers, Bushwackers, etc.  


We will work with each group on an individual basis, if needed, to accommodate your requests. Please understand that particular alcohol where you live may not be available where we provision the boat. If you choose to bring your own alcohol, please let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate drinks/mixers for you.


Please note that serving alcohol to guests is at the sole discretion of the Captain and/or crew. If in the judgement of the Captain or crew someone has had too much to drink, the individual will be cut off from any more alcohol for 12 hours. This decision is entirely up to Captain and/or crew and will not be questioned. There will be no tolerance on this issue and we reserve the right to return to a port and remove guests, without refund or recourse.  

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